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Seven reasons you’ll want to come to EFTA

  1. Become a cadet in Dubai, the city at the forefront of the air industry and a critical global hub, set to become the global aviation capital
  2. Fly the newest and most advanced training air fleet in the world
  3. Take advantage of integrated runway and facilities to get a unique in-flight training experience
  4. Join a technologically advanced programme
  5. Enjoy highly competitive fees
  6. State of the art facility
  7. Exclusive opportunities to apply to Emirates after graduating from EFTA

Who you’ll be

You will master all the required skills for a career as a First Officer and be challenged to become part of the future of aviation. Our curriculum will empower you to join the next generation of pilots with confidence, superior knowledge and remarkable decision-making skills, by integrating the best teaching and most advanced technology into your learning.

What you’ll learn

From English and Aviation Sciences foundation courses to Ground School and Flight School training, EFTA has developed a comprehensive study programme, preparing you for your career in every way possible. Over three years, you will complete ground courses and receive training in both single engine and multi-engine aircraft, ultimately enabling you to become the airline pilot you’ve always aspired to be.

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The Emirates Flight Training Academy offers

Pilot icon
capacity for up to 600 cadets
aircraft in a fleet dedicated to training our cadets
Runway icon
dedicated runway with ATC tower
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hours of flying experience

Go beyond

The future of aviation

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) forecasts airline passenger demand to double over the next two decades. This means it is estimated that a staggering 460,000 new commercial pilots will be needed by 2031. At EFTA, we are committed to helping meet global market demands by nurturing the next generation of talented and ambitious pilots. More about our programme

The most advanced flight training facility in the world

Designed to be one of the most advanced flight training facilities in the world, the Emirates Flight Training Academy provides a complete integration of flight training, ground school, accommodation and recreation under one roof, combining cutting edge learning technologies and a modern fleet of training aircraft to train cadets with the goal of qualifying pilots for the future requirement of the airline industry.
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Shaping the future of aviation

Explore our brand new state-of-the-art facility, where world-class flight training paves the way forward for our aspiring cadets

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