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Flight Operations

Airline Operations

Our fully-operational flight operations centre is dedicated to Emirates Flight Training Academy cadets only, making flight training part of everyday life at the Academy. This means you will have the opportunity to gain a complete operational experience in one holistic environment.

A dedicated runway

A unique feature of the Academy is our own 1,800 metre runway, where you will do all your in-flight training. Its direction and designation is South East/North West 29-11 and is capable of accommodating over 400 flights a day. Its key features are: 

  • ILS (Instrument Landing System) CAT I approach runway lighting system 
  • RNP RNAV/GPS Approaches 
  • PAPI Precision Approach Path Indicators at both ends of the runway 

 Following international standards, the runway also incorporates crucial markings including: 

  • Runway centreline 
  • Runway edge light and line 
  • Threshold markings 
  • Transverse strip and arrow markings for displaced threshold 
  • Runway designation characters 
  • Distance coding markers 
  • Aiming point 
  • Runway end lights 
  • Wind direction/speed indicators system and lit windsock 

The taxiway

The Academy’s taxiway is over 100 meters wide, incorporating crucial markings including: 

  • Taxiway centreline markings 
  • Taxiway edge markings and lighting 
  • Intermediate holding position markings and lighting 
  • Stop bar and runway guard markings and lighting 

The Maintenance Hangar

EFTA’s fleet of 27 aircraft undergoes maintenance in the hangarlarge enough to accommodate three Olympic-size swimming pools. This state-of-the-art facility houses the following services: 

  • Paint shop 
  • Aircraft wash bay area 
  • Sheet metal and composite workshop 
  • Mechanical/hydraulic workshop 
  • Avionics/battery workshop 
  • Spare parts store room 
  • Technical library/briefing and conference rooms 

Aviation Management and Security

A Private Air Traffic Control Tower

We are the world’s only institution with an Air Traffic Control Tower (ATCT) of its own. This fully functioning airside nerve-centre is able to monitor, direct and manage all the Academy’s ground, departure and arrival movements, as well as circuit pattern traffic. 

A Rescue And Fire Fighting Service Facility

The safety of everyone at the Academy is our first and foremost concern. A dedicated Rescue & Fire Fighting Service (RFFS) is stationed at Dubai World Central airport nearby and complies with the International Commercial Airline Organisation (ICAO) standard category. 

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