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The Academy

Based near Al Maktoum International Airport in Dubai South, we offer future pilots the opportunity to graduate from the most advanced flight training academy in the world.

The main building

With the capacity to train hundreds of students at a time, the main building is a fully-integrated facility where cadets will spend a large portion of their time. It holds five different types of spaces, each contributing to a holistic learning environment.

Engaging learning

A dedicated Recruitment Centre

This is where potential students are assessed before accepting them into the programme. The Recruitment Centre is comprised of the Aviation Medical Clinic, where applicants will receive a medical test to investigate whether they are fit to fly, as well as the pilot aptitude and psychometric assessment room to identify those with the right temperament to fly.

State-of-the-art teaching facilities

The main building hosts 36 classrooms. Each classroom is equipped with two 84” touchscreens, running bespoke training software created for EFTA by Boeing. Each cadet will have access to the same training material via their own device. The classroom screens and the cadets’ devices all connect to each other, creating an interactive training environment.


A multifunctional atrium

Located at the heart of the Academy, the atrium links to the flight simulator block, the operations centre and the residential halls. It is also the main meeting point for everyone at the Academy.

Over 100 office stations

The main building of the Academy has over 100 office stations for instructors. This is where instructors are based, each with an assigned desk to work from. Each station has its own lounge and pantry areas.   

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